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Sally Hershberger LA

When I was 18, I met this young lady with an awesome haircut. It was perfectly messy but in a way that was intentional and stylish.  I wanted this cut.  The lady told me that she’d saved up her money and treated herself to a Sally Hershberger haircut (then Sally was at the John Freida Salon) and as far as I was concerned, her haircut was worth every hoarded penny.  I hadn’t moved to the Westside yet and never made it over to get my own perfect Sally cut but I was so excited last week when I was invited to come in and have the Sally Hershberger treatment. Sally has since opened her own salons in LA and New York (the LA one is just above design goddess, Kelly Wearstler’s base camp, I may stalk the elevator) and it’s filled with awesome colorists and stylists.

Sally Hershberger LA | Paul Perez and Andrew

I saw Andrew for my color and I’ve seen both Paul Perez and Jonathan Colombini for cuts and styling and they all worked together to be sure I got just what I was hoping for.  All of the guys got the nuances of what I was asking for. Andrew, the colorist knew how to make my ombre effect less dramatic and give me more of the dimension I wanted on top in addition to the bottom without damaging my already stressed-out hair more while not taking me too light because I wanted statement bangs. Andrew also gave me an awesome protein/repair treatment and my hair feels so healthy now even after the additional  highlights.  It looks like a simple change but there were a lot of requirements I had and he did a thorough consultation and knocked it out of the park.

Paul Perez, who cut my hair, worked with Andrew to be sure the color placement would be just right with my shorter cut and bangs.  He was really attentive and thorough, doing the majority of the cut wet and then checking it dry.  When I pushed for a little more drama he accommodated me where it made sense and pushed back where it didn’t so I didn’t end up making him give me the Dumb and Dumber cut (sometimes we are our own worst enemy right?). He also gave me some good product recommendations of the salons product line.

Jonathan is just sweet as can be and has styled and trimmed me a couple of times and all I can say is he gets it.  When I was being a fuss-budget he made my bangs thicker and helped me understand that I will always lose the fight against my cow-lick and worked with it instead of against it.  I’m a happier lady in the mornings when it’s styling time because Jonathan.

Sally Hershberger | Jonathan Colombini
Sally Hershberger | Before and After
Now I feel so fresh and so clean, my hair is in the right cut and condition to grow out (I want a loooong LOB). My bangs are a fun new change and I’m happy to have more balanced hair color again!

Clinique Chubby Sticks | Lip & Cheek



I love creme blush but sometime’s application can take an extra effort or be a mess. These Chubby Cheek Sticks by Clinique are the bees knees though because no brush is needed and they blend beautifully.  They’re so easy to throw into your purse and apply on super quickly whenever you need a face pick-me-up.

The sister to the Cheek Chubby is the Baby Tint Chubby Sticks and are like the grown-up girl’s Lip Smackers. The perfect lip choice for an easy going day running errands, going to the gym, or just when you want to look fresh-faced. No mirror needed to apply and the lip chubbys leave a sheer, juicy tint on your lips. I love and use all the colors!

Fall In Love | Polish


Butter London (Wallis) | OPI (You Don’t Know Jacques)
Essie (Wicked) | Chanel (Secret) | Morgan Taylor (Sweater Weather) 
YSL (Fuchsia Cubiste) | Ciate (Power Dressing)

Cooler weather is starting to trickle in and that means fall is right around the corner. We love seeing the deeper more seductive color pallets and rich gem tones arriving. As we all know, pretty nails are always a must! So here are a few of our fav polishes we’ve picked out to start off the season for you ladies, some are new options and some the classics. We hope you FALL in love with them!

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