Review | LORAC Porefection Concealer

LORAC Porefection Concealer Review

Well, what can I say… I’m very impressed with the LORAC POREfection Concealer. I am constantly testing, trying, and mixing to get the perfect one and this one is one of my top picks!

The fact that its oil free and not drying under the eye is an amazing perk. Usually I need to use 2 different concealers because I need the one I use on blemishes to be oil free (a good thing to check on the one you’re using on blemishes as many have oil and when you are putting it on a blemish it’s just making it worse) and I need the the one I use under my eye to be hydrating. This one is both!

I would use two colors of these or any concealers, one that matches my skin tone for my face and this lighter one to use under my eyes. I loved the way it brightened my under eye area. I put it on in the morning all over my lid to make my shadow brighter and then under my eyes.  When applying, make sure to put the first amount of product on inner corners with your ring finger and dab outwards because this is where we are the darkest.

I keep the POREfection in my bag and after work if I have somewhere to go I reapply on the inner corners of the eyes and under my eyes and it instantly brightened my whole face up!

I love that it comes in a tube with a good amount of product (.50 fl oz) so it will last awhile. I give this concealer two thumbs up!

Fiore Beauty Allison

LOVE | Make Up Forever Ultra HD

makeup forever ultra hd

Make Up Forever HD has been a long time hall-of-fame favorite for us. The color range was great, it was a really good amount of coverage but still looked natural, and was easy to blend. So, so good. So when Make Up For Ever announced that they were launching a new and improved version how could we not be nervous, we loved it already and didn’t want something to change that would cause us to love it less. But we were of course excited to try the new formulation, Ultra HD, to see how it compares and decide if we could still be MUFE HD loyal.

IT. IS. SO. GOOD. For my first test run with Ultra, I did three models. When they were all done up and camera ready, I marveled at how amazing all three girl’s skin was. I mean, what are the chances that three girls in a row would have angel skin? They looked absolutely flawless. And then I remembered that I had used the new Ultra HD and that factored in hugely.  The girls did have pretty skin naturally but the Ultra HD took it to a whole other level of flawless perfection but looked stunningly natural. Done and done. Sold. Love it.

Using it on myself, I continue to be super happy about the changes and am impressed that Make Up Forever really could improve on something already great. Well done guys! My only complaint is the shade numbering system is CRAZY MAKING!  It’s not that big of a deal for a regular gal who will get her color matched and be done with it but it is a big deal for artists (who the line is made for)who are constantly color matching and the numbers go in no logical order, different numbers have replaced previous numbered shades.  I would have loved for MUFE to have taken the launch as a chance to streamline things but no luck on that front.

Anyways, what you can expect from Ultra HD is…

-medium to buildable coverage
-lighter weight, like second skin
-hyaluronic spheres for hydration
-long lasting, natural finish
-40 shades F-O-R-T-Y!

I will be shocked if you try it and don’t LOVE.  Let me know if you love/like/hate.

Read It | Why Not Me

Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling

We absolutely love girl’s girl, Mindy Kaling. I came late to the came watching The Mindy Project which is sitcom perfection but I loved her book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? separate from her TV show context but just as a bad-ass business woman who is funny, smart, driven, and sexy all at once. So having cemented my love for MK and our super-close best friendship (okay, she doesn’t know about our BF status but whats that really have to do with anything), I’m super excited about her new book Why Not Me?. It’s just as fun and just as good as Mindy’s first book but with an extra dose of reflection, honesty, and girl-poweredness. It’s a great read, go get it ladies!

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