Fragrant Favorites

Fiores Favorite Perfumes

I’m so picky about perfumes. I still couldn’t tell you what type of fragrances I’m drawn to. Floral, prob not, but fresh or woody or musky….yes….or no. I don’t know. I do know that scents that are floral with white flowers are not for me, I love a gardenia/tuberose/jasmine in real life but in perfume I just can’t. It’s probably true that I gravitate towards less overtly feminine scents (a reason I love the Byredo line, its all perfectly unisex). Because of this, finding new perfumes is like trying to find a new perfect pair of jeans….a total drag.  So I’m sharing my arsenal of favorite perfumes to maybe help you guys a good starting point if you like similar types of scents which also gives me a chance to see if theres a theme my nose follows.

Straight to Heaven by Kilian– cedar/nutmeg/brazilian rosewood. Woody. I was at a blogger function and the girl next to me smelled so good that I became borderline creepy in profuse compliments and demands of the scent. I love it, and since I got it for Christmas, it is the one I’m wearing daily.

Vallée de Farney by Maison Louis Marie- grapefruit/black pepper/cedar/patchouli/musk/amber. This suckers complex so I guess citrusy/earthy/musky/woody!!!! My friend would wear this and overtime I saw her I thought she was wearing a new, amazing scent. Turns out it was always the same scent and I just loved it anew each time. I also love this one for daily use.

Oliver Peoples by Byredo- amber/lemon/accord. Somehow fruity/earthy. I love Byredo. As a birthday gift, I got to go to Barney’s and have the help of their “personal fragrance expert” who learns what you like and then hand-picks and helps you refine your new “signature scent”. The process was so fun and this perfume was the resulting choice. I really like it but I choose this one for when I want to be aware of my scent all day because this one is more present to me whereas I usually stop noticing my perfume soon after applying.  It’s a great wild card for me.

Eau des Merveilles by Hermes-amber/wood/accord. Woody. This was my signature scent for years and while I still love it I haven’t worn it much lately since my perfume wardrobe has grown. This is a no-nonsense “I mean business” scent. It feels confident and feminine to me but not sultry so for work it’s perfect but not my first choice for date night. My hubs does really like it though.

Capricorn by Strange Invisible-(iris, frankincense,vanilla, neroli) Earthy. I wanted a “refined hippy” scent and this is it! Even though I’m drawn to stereotypical hippy scents like patchouli and sandalwood (I had no idea the extent to which until now as I analyze the components to my favorite scents which have a lot of this), I can’t do straight patchouli in try hippie fashion. It needs something to break it up. This one is exactly that and it’s natural and healthy which a lot of fragrances are not which makes it the perfect choice for lunching on Abbot Kinney. My man thinks I just smell full flower child though but I wear it anyways of course, just not at times when Im trying to be my most alluring.

Sunday Cologne by Byredo- bergamot, cardamom,geranium, lavender, patchouli, vetiver. Citrusy/clean. This is a bright, clean, lighter scent for casual days. Looking at the Byredo site right now it seems that this scent is meant for the menfolk but I really love it all the same.


Color chronicles

Hair Color in LA

Because we don’t typically offer color to our clients, we are asked all the time for color recommendations.  It is so hard to find a good colorist and even a good cut for that matter so we are happy to share our hard earned scoop on our favorites in LA.

After taking a long break from coloring my hair (before), above you can see how my cut and color changed throughout the year as well as the artists who made it happen.

Anja Burton at Ramirez Tran – I love Anja. She’s super talented and is fabulous at dimensional color with a seamless transition which is so key when going lighter. Anja knows her stuff for sure, however, she’s super expensive ($400 for my highlights but you get to sit in the prettiest salon ever and hob-nob with the celebs and models while you get your hairs did) and I felt like she was pretty rushed making it harder for her to fully make my inspiration happen. My color was really pretty but super subtle and for such a chunk of dinero, I was hoping to leave with my hair goal instead of inching towards it. I will go back to Anja at some point and just hope she has a good amount of time to give me the blond my heart desires.  See her IG here, girl is undeniably talented.  I really would trust anyone at Ramirez Tran as well if you want to check out the other colorists there.

Amy Panero at MAVEN Beverly Hills – Amy has colored my hair for years! She is talented, smart, a girl’s girl, and most importantly when it comes to being good at hair, she’s a good listener and takes time with her consultations so she’s sure understand what will make you happy. She also does great cuts so you can get it all done at once. While Amy is at a low-key salon, she charges half the price as Ramirez Tran and I left LOVING my hair with all the blond bits I hoped for.

Ahn Co Tran at Ramirez Tran – Ahn is a super stylist who is a trend-setter with his cuts which account for probably half of your hairspiration pics on Pinterest. He’s excellent, cutting edge (pun intended), and expensive at about $300. You will love your cut though, he just gets it.

Buddy Porter at Ramirez Tran – Buddy was Ahn’s assistant and is now a fantastic stylist in his own right. He has Ahn’s style but a bit more time to go over details with you. Also, he’s a less expensive which is always nice ($250).

Let us know if you have any questions about the best colorists and stylists for your specific needs!

Round Up | Makeup Bags

Best in Makeup Bags

TOP  one  |  two  |  three  | four           BOTTOM  one | two | three | four

I don’t know about you but I want a fresh start in pretty much everything when the new year rolls around which includes a fresh new home for my makeup. A pretty, organized makeup bag adds a little morning loveliness and these are our current favorite choices. So trash any old, rarely used makeup, pick up their replacements and a new case, and start fresh.

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