Holiday Beauty Gift Sets

Fiore Beauty Holiday Beauty GiftsIt’s holiday-gift-finding-and-occasionally-splurging-on-yourself-too season!  I love all the special beauty sets and deals that come out for the holidays first of all, because they’re a great value, but also because you often get to try more things than you usually would outside a set which just feels decadent.  Here are all my favorite holiday beauty buys for this year!

Cynthia Rowley Eyeliner Set- How nice to have all these Cynthia Rowley liners at your fingertips!  While it includes the basics, you can also venture out and try looks you don’t usually do. Like how about pretty skin with just the lavender liner, mascara, and a neutral lip!

Eve Lom Daily Collection –  I love to give decadent gifts that add luxury to the receivers day where they wouldn’t otherwise have it.  The Eve Lom products are exactly that, decadent. They make doing something necessary (washing your face) into a lovely ritual.

NARS Virtual Domination Blush Palette –  I love a good palette! Having good choices all bundled up in one convenient little compact gives me such pleasure.  This NARS cheek palette is just that! Their 3 best blush shades tucked in with a highlighter and a contouring bronzer. YES!!!  Not only will you have awesome new colors to get contoured and blushing but with this you can streamline your makeup bag for less digging.

Molton Brown Bathing Set- Such nice shower gel is always a treat because it’s unnecessary so to get 12 colorful picks and have a chance to cycle through different scents is very exciting.

Tocca “Meet the Ladies” Fragrance Collection – is perfect for the scent lover.  The 10 Tocca fragrances are presented beautifully and are rollerball versions so you can tuck one in your bag, car, desk, vanity……the list goes on. Also, great if you feel like you need to get out of your fragrance rut and find a new one.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Pro Picks Lip Tar Set- The Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’ Lip Tars are amazing. They’re vegan, come in amazing colors, are beautifully matte (though you can use the glosser if you prefer), and stay put FOREVER!  This particular set has beautiful colors for you to start your love affair with the Lip Tars.

Sephora Favorites – Sephora does the most amazing holiday beauty value sets.  You can get one that focuses on fragrance, lips only, mascara, or skincare and then you get a great assortment of their most popular, tried and true formulations in adorable size.  These sets are great for your travel case or purse since they’re smaller or for trying great products without the commitment of shelling out for the full size version.

Urban Decay Full Frontal Lip Set – I love these Urban Decay lipstick in general but I love them all the more since they’re the petite version (I’d take a little lipstick over the full size any day).  And with these six colors you’ll be set since they run the gamut between classic red, a fun pop, and neutrals.

Bobbi Brown Mini Lip & Eye Set – Bobbi Brown is right up there with Sephora when it comes to knocking it out of the park with their holiday sets!  They have such good AND affordable combos and my favorite this year it is two lipsticks, one gloss, and 3 shadows  in a teeny-tiny tortoise shell compact. I could have just this and pretend that I’m lo-maintenance (but really, I’d also need the NARS blush palette…..and the Urban Decay lipsticks…. You know, for choice.)


Holiday Brush Set Gift PicksMakeup Brushes are always a splurge that ladies don’t often make because maybe you have some old funky brushes that are “good enough” which allows you to spend your beauty moola on 7 barely different shades of that one lipstick you really love. Well, in that case, you really do need good makeup brushes.  Your makeup will look better, you’ll enjoy your daily application more, and…..they should be pretty too.  These holiday sets make it totally pain-free making the jump because they’re a third of what it would cost to buy the brushes seperatley. They’re short-handled versions but I think that just makes them cuter and more space efficient.

Make Up Forever Travel Brush Set  - Make Up Forever just launched their new artistry brush line not too long ago and it is fantastic.  The set includes four little guys and comes in a adorb kissy makeup bag.

MAC Keepsakes Brush Set- Some of my all time favorite brushes are MAC and this set includes three of them. And I’d buy this just to have beautifully white brushes. So good for travel too.

Sephora 24 Karat Gold Brush Set  - These six brushes come in great shapes and they’re GOLD!  Yes to that.

Extra special holiday beauty gifts
Not necessarily a gift set, these are just a few more lady-like splurges that I need and you (or your favorite people) probably do too.

D. L. & Co Honey Absolute Candle – How pretty is this candle?!  And it smells like honey (sophisticated honey, of course).

Beauty Counter Lustro Body Oil- Beauty Counter products are minus everything that beauty products shouldn’t have in them (but usually do). This pure body oil is skin’s winter dream and will leave you hydrated and soft.

Estee Lauder “After Hours” Powder Compact – I just adore these glamorous touch-up powder compacts!  You buy the powder separately from the compact so you can choose formulation and color (translucent would be a good one-size-fits-all for a gift though). These compacts are HEAVY and LUXE and you’ll feel like such a lady when you powder your nose!

R + CO - I am obsessed with this line of haircare. It’s a conscious line with great formulations and their packaging is genius and styles up your counter.

Jonathan Adler Brass Bird Bowl – You obviously NEED this precious little brass bird bowl for your bobbi pins! Enough said, it is perfection.

J. Crew Pouch – I never have enough pouches.  I use them all and they tidy up life in the prettiest way. I love this neon geometric pouch that would be perfect for you to store lipsticks in your purse or have a little touch-up kit in your car.

Julep Nailed It! Polish Set – We love the Julep line of polishes and this is a great range for the polish loving lady!  Julep also offers Julep Maven which is a customized monthly polish box subscription which would also be fun to receive throughout the year.

J. Crew Arquiste 31 Perfume  - A special J. Crew collaboration,  this perfume smells dreamy because it’s lovely but not overly floral or feminine. I want it.

Madewell Zip Pouch – I already went into why I love pouches and that I can’t get enough so it’t not a surprise that I found another one to love.  Love the graphic print, that it’s black & white, laminated, and also usable as a clutch in a pinch.

Aerin Beauty Rose Lip Balm- A luxurious little pot of tinted lip balm.  Perfect for a stocking.

Kelly Wearstler Marble Kiss- I have this (in white) and LOVE it. It’s such a beautiful object for your shelves, vanity, or mantle.

J. Crew Band-Aids – I’ve bought the patterned Band-Aid collaboration special-editions before and they are so fun to have on hand!  Shouldn’t all the small things in life be pretty too?

Ladies of Fiore | Jaimi


We’ve been doing the Ladies of Fiore features of our artists for a while now and thought it would be fun to share my own beauty perspectives! 

How did you get in to beauty?
I grew up in my aunt’s beauty salon where my mom and aunts were hair stylists and manicurists so I observed women and their relation to the whole beauty process from a very young age and loved it.  I then became a manicurist right after high school to do as a job while going to college.

What looks are you loving right now?
I am loving the contoured/highlighted look. I’ve always been a fan of blush and how it brightens your face, gives it dimension, and so I really enjoy using contouring powder for the same reasons but different look. I also love the long, almond shaped nails we’re wearing right now as well as the subtly, a-lined long bobs.

What is your specialty as a makeup artist?
Well since I’m not an artist myself at this point, I’d say my specialty is picking amazingly talented girls for the Fiore team and helping clients communicate how they’ll feel their prettiest.

In your own beauty regimen, what’s your favorite thing to fuss over?
I hate doing my hair, but I love doing my makeup.  I definitely spend the most time on my complexion. All makeup looks better with a perfectly done and set base using foundation, concealer, eye shadow, primer, and setting powder.


Name 3 products you couldn’t live without.
I can’t do three, I have to do five!
Kate Somerville’s CC Cream, Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara, NARS Radiant Concealer, and MAC’s Lady Danger lipstick.

What is your favorite beauty bargain?
I LOVE L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara because it’s not just good for its price but its better than any mascara at any price.  If you like volume this is it. I really like PiXI Beauty’s Shea Butter Tinted Lip Balm too and Sonia Kashuk’s makeup bags at Target.

 What are your 3 most tried and true beauty tips and tricks?
1. Dry Shampoo or texturing spray on clean hair (or obviously dirty) to give your hair sexiness, volume and shape.
2. No polish will ever compare to Gel polish. There’s no going back for me.
3. Laura Mercier’s Secret Brightening Powder is amazing, It’s a powder for just your under eye area but it sets your concealer perfectly without making the coverage look haggard and heavy.

What would people be surprised to know about you?
I have my Masters in Clinical Psychology but went in to beauty instead of therapy!  Love the ladies, love the lipstick.

Which celeb’s beauty do you covet the most?
How about the JCREW models?  I love their beauty look. With bare eyes, radiant skin, and mussed up hair.  Or Michelle Williams because I loved her LV ads. It changes all the time though.  Wait, maybe Christina Hendricks. Yep, Christina Hendricks. What would Joan do, that’s my motto.


 If you had to only use one beauty brand, which would you choose?
This is going to be bit of a surprise, but if I had to choose one brand of beauty it would be Youngblood because a lot of my favorite products are theirs (blush, setting powder, mineral foundation, and they’re a healthy brand. Or I would choose Stila, I think they have a great, really well-rounded, fashion-forward line.

What beauty trend do you wish would go away?
Well, beauty really is subjective and I love anything that makes a girl feel gorgeous but for me I really want nothing to do with braids.

What’s On your Beauty Wish List Right now?
The new Stila Eyes Are The Window Anniversary Palettes (one of each please), unlimited Kate Somerville facials, and all the HONEST Company’s body products.

What makes you excellent at your job?
Knowing that it’s the artistry itself, passion for your art, professionalism, as well as desire to make the client happy that makes any beauty provider a great one.

Favorite perfume?
Byredo Sunday Cologne

Natural or dramatic?
Dramatic for me!

Biggest beauty splurge?
All the facials and treatments I’ve gotten at Kate Somerville to get my adult on-set acne under control. Those ladies are miracle workers. After that, my Cle de Peau skincare items which are expensive but excellent.

Most embarrassing beauty moment?
One year at The Cream, Fiore was hosting a lash bar. I of course had lashes on myself, and talked to people all night feeling glammed up and pretty. As we were packing up I saw that my lash was only half on. Me. Half lash loose. At my own lash bar. OMG.

Most disappointing beauty product?
I’m most disappointed with beauty products that I buy at the drugstore.  While some are great, I just think that they’re generally not as good. Liquid liner, shadow, lipstick, blush. Nope. The formulations are weird and colors off and not as highly pigmented.  SO I buy and then immediately get rid of so really, its never cheaper for me.

If you had to go out in public only having used one product, what would it be?

Your Beauty Legacy

Dove, who has already been know for helping us ladies with our body images through their Real Beauty ad campaigns, put together this really interesting video on how we pass down the way we feel about our bodies and appearances. At once, it’s surprising and obvious that our daughters learn to dislike the same things about themselves that we dislike about ourselves and to love their own traits that we love about ourselves.

Even if you don’t have children already, it’s some food for thought to look at how our own self images affect others. How we learned from our moms, the message we do or will give to our children, and even how we influence the women around us. Maybe you feel about yourself in a way that will leave your daughters and grand daughters the space for a lot of self-love or maybe you can reevaluate the way you think about your parts so that you can hold up the next generation to feel lovely exactly as they are. It feels like we should be celebrating and honoring our body and faces with our beauty routine instead of using our beauty arsenal as tweaks to our dissatisfactions.  Each thought or adjustment we make towards more self-appreciation is a win!

Dove Legacy

Dove Legacy Project

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