What’s In My Makeup Bag

Whats in my makeup bag

It’s been a SUPER long time since I’ve shared “whats in my makeup bag”!  This time I’m going to separate the posts about what makeup items I’m using daily into BASE, COLOR, and LIPS because its too much to read/write at once since I love a TON of products.

I’ll start with all the base products I use to get a pretty canvas for the color.  Having even toned skin and imperfections hidden is crucial for well done makeup. I feel like base makeup is way less fun but definitely more important than color in having a polished, well done application. You want to cover up redness, dark circles, blemishes and even everything out but you want it to look natural and soft AND stay.  SO here goes…..

1. I begin with foundation. I go back and forth between Youngblood’s Loose Mineral Foundation (in Neutral) and Kate Somerville’s IllumiKate CC Cream (in Light).  I love YB’s Mineral Foundation because it’s a super healthy product with way less body-unfriendly ingredients in it than is standard in most makeup, it cover’s like a dream,  and it’s super fast to put on which is good since I do my makeup in the car more than half the time. Sometimes though, because the YB Mineral foundation is a powder, if my skin is feeling flaky or dry I want to use a more moisturizing product and that’s where the Kate Somerville CC Cream comes in. It covers nicely, applies and blends perfectly, and doesn’t feel mask-like on.

2. After foundation, I conceal. I have been a convert to the NARS Creamy Radiant Concealers for a looong time now and I don’t see myself switching it up anytime soon.  The colors are perfect, they don’t crease under the eye, and they stay put on blemishes. I mostly use Vanilla but I have three shades in my makeup bag because I use the darker and lighter colors for subtle contouring/highlighting when I can be more involved in my application. For concealer application, I use the applicator tip to apply and then I blend it with the perfect tool that is Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush from their Starter Kit.

3. Though I was initially very annoyed by the thought of using such a specific product, I can’t live without Laura Mercier’s Secret Brightening Powder for setting my under eye concealer now. Powder….for under your eyes only????? Yep, and its genius.  The Secret Brightening Powder is super finely milled making it a better fit for that delicate, creased under eye area and also has a tiny bit of light reflecting pigments so your concealer really, really won’t budge and you look more rested and lovely.  Probably not for the girl who is truly low-maintence but a must for everyone else. I use the controlled dusting of the Real Techniques Setting Brush for this.

4. I do my overall makeup setting with Youngblood’s Pressed Mineral Rice Powder.  I’ve converted most of our makeup artists to this product. This powder isn’t too heavy but combats shine really effectively with a thin but mattifying dusting.  So many setting powders are slippery which is weird to me but this one takes away shine and keeps everything in place the way a setting powder should.  The medium shade works on 80% of people so unless you’re SUPER light or dark, the medium is for you.

5. I use the MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre for my shadow base. This both takes out any blueish/redish tones out of my lid and also serves as a primer for my shadow so the shadow stays and the color is truer.  I use the Real Techniques Accent Brush for this, it comes in their Starter Set.

6. After setting my foundation and concealer, I do a quick bit of contouring. I love Makeup Forever’s Sculpting Duo because its a matte contour powder that is neither too warm (resulting in a orangey look) or too cool (resulting in a dirty look) but just right on my fair skin.  I use the NARS Kabuki Ita brush for this. A few swipes under my cheekbones for some definition and then I quickly blend which is so easy with this incomparable brush. This gives my face more shape which I used to rely completely on blush for.  I don’t use the light powder in the duo unless I need to tame down my blush in which case I use it to blend the blush at the tops of cheeks.

7. The last part of my base makeup routine is the RMS Living Luminizer. Its an all organic, beautiful but natural highlighter.  This brings an amazing vibrancy to your skin when you use it down the middle of your nose, your cheekbones, and the little spot over the bow of your lips.  So easy and makes a huge difference.  I apply this with my fingers.

So there you have it…my base routine. It may seem like a lot of products but I can do all my base in about 6 minutes.  I’ll post my color routine on Monday!


Frank Body Coffee Scrub

Janel and I had the luxury last week of trying Frank Body’s line of amazingly luxe coffee body scrubs and body balm. The whole line is so cute and cheeky which by itself could make me a fan (I mean, I want to live in their website) but the product is legit and fantastic, making a huge difference in your sweet skin.

Famous for their body scrub in Australia where the line comes from, this scrub is by far the best body scrub I’ve tried. Superbly exfoliating but equally as hydrating, the scrub’s coffee element increases circulation helping with skin tone and detoxification while tending to skin issues such a acne, eczema, psoriasis, cellulite and stretch marks. Yep, thats a whole lot. The different versions of the scrub (original,peppermint, coconut, and cacao-my fave) all smell delish and leave you with a J-Lo glow. Better yet, the products are made with ingredients you can understand (like coconut oil, coffee grounds, essential oils, brown sugar, salt) so you can feel good about the love you’ll feel for them.

Though the scrub leaves you really hydrated since they have oil in them, if you need even more moisture the Frank Body Balm is a great product to follow up with. The balm is made out of lovely ingredients like sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, and beeswax so it would also make a perfect belly balm for those of you who are preggers.


Janel and I did dry brushing before we used the scrub to get some extra detoxing in which is fab if you have an extra couple of minutes. Then we got scrubbed up, let it sit for 10 minutes, washed off, and applied the Balm. We were in Palm Springs when we got our scrub on where it is super dry.  While I used the Balm after, I think I was glowy and soft enough that the scrub could have been enough on its own which is fantastic because I think applying body lotion is the most boring part of the beauty routine.

Frank Body

One bag of scrub will prob last 4-5 scrubs which I was surprised about. Frank Body recently came out with a facial product line which I’m now really excited to try so stay tuned for that. We love it so try it, you will too.

#thefrankeffect @frank_bod

dpHue | hair color made easy


There is a great new beauty resource in LA. Staying pretty and coiffed is getting easier! The new place to solve one of beauty’s most expensive conundrums is dpHue. dpHue is a drop-in color bar that makes hair color more accessible and less expensive without compromising on quality. My childhood friend (and very first boyfriend) Justin Anderson is a celebrity colorist to many of the hottest ladies and he developed the product in Italy as the creative director with founder Donna Pohlad. They worked hard to develop this color so that Justin himself would want to use the dpHue color on the likes Miley, Jennifer Aniston,  and Ireland Baldwin.


So why do you care about the quality of the dpHue hair color? Good question. The reason it’s a big deal is you can color your own hair… with the good stuff.  The best part about dpHue is that you can go right in, no appointment necessary, have a free color consultation, get thorough instructions on how to do YOUR hair, and leave with a color kit to take on home and apply yourself.  The cost… just $38!




You can also choose to have the dpHue pro colorists do you up if you’re too intimidated to do it yourself. It’s kind of like Drybar for hair color. The color menu is simplified but good and it’s just so much more affordable to keep up with your color here than it is with LA’s top colorists. You can do single color process which is a $$$ and time saver for the ladies who have to keep up grey coverage or you can pop in for highlights choosing between face framers ($40), halo highlights ($35), or just the tips $40-60).


Fiore Janel is one of those gals who has to stay on top of her gray coverage so going into the salon every 5 weeks for her roots is annoying and costly.  She had a bunch of ombre going on and wanted to lower the contrast and be more solid as well as find a formula she could do at home, quickly and cheaply.  So we popped in to dpHue and got a consult and had them do her first application.  She’s been coloring her own hair ever since.  Great idea, great product, great results.



dpHue Los Angeles

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