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Whats inside my makeup bag LIPS

I already shared what’s in my makeup bag for complexion and color so now I’ll do lips! A total lipstick girl, I basically never have enough. Some of my choices stay the same from season to season, year to year (I’m looking at you Lady Danger) and others are more like a passionate fling that passes. So here goes (clockwise)…

Youngblood Mighty Shiny Lip Gel – I don’t really like colored glosses but prefer to add a clear gloss to whatever lipstick I’m wearing if I want some shine. Colored glosses feel hooker-y for some reason. Or super 80’s. So Youngblood’s gloss in Bared is my perfect match. A healthy formulation, super shiny, feels good on, but a barely there shade of peach combine to be all I need in the gloss department.

ILIA Neon Angel– My love affair with Ilia’s lipsticks is tried and true. Clean beauty that preforms, their lipstick are edited and stylish and have a moisturizing, translucent matte finish that is completely unique.  Neon Angel a fun punch magenta that isn’t too in your face.

MAC Lady Danger– This to me is the PERFECT shade of deliciously orangey, super matte, force-to-be-reckoned-with red.  If I had to pick a signature shade this would be it, it’s my lipstick BFF.

ILIA (again) Wild Child – A slightly less intense version of red than Lady Danger. Not quite as opaque, not quite as intense so I use it as my “casual red”.  And yes, that completely makes sense to me that a red-lover needs a “casual red”, you know for Sunday mornings and stuff.

Butter of London Brilliant Lip Crayon in Trout Pout and Primrose Hill–  These guys are so easy to slap on and a good option when I don’t want to do matte because they’re shiny. Also, how perfect is it that a sharpener is built into the cap?

LORAC Pro Matte Lip Color in Peach and Coral– I just really do love a lip crayon. I used to be in a committed relationship with the NARS Velvet Lip Crayons but I’ve switched over to these guys. They’re just a bit less intense which sometimes I prefer but are self sharpening which I always like better. They go on so nice since they’re always at a point and they’re not drying as some matte lip colors are.  My favorite colors right now are Peach and Coral which are each beautiful on their own but also look really pretty with the Peach layered over the Coral.  Peach is a great lip layering color because it adds a milky warmth to subdue pretty much any color.

So there you have it. What is your current favorite?  Kiss kiss.xx

LORAC | get a deal

AC Cosmetics Labor Day Sale

We’re excited about the LORAC Labor Day sale! It’s the perfect time to refine your Fall beauty and stock up on the good stuff at a deal at 35% off plus a mascara! We’re always talking about our LORAC faves so snatch them up at makeup artist prices.

Our favorite LORAC items are….
– The shadow palettes. Love the PRO Matte Palette (what I’m using daily right now), Unzipped Gold, and PRO Palette.
PRO Matte Lip Colors Great finish, great colors, fool-proof application. (Fall color picks: Nude, Pink Taupe, Merlot, Ruby or if you want to tackle the 90’s lip trend Rose Brown).
Alter Ego Lipsticks which are sooo pigmented and creamy. (Fall color picks: Dominatrix, Duchess, Goddess, Rose, Pin-up).
Alter Ego Lip Gloss in Duchess

Eric Buterbaugh

Eric Bauterbaugh Floral Perfume Line

We had the pleasure of visiting celebrity florist, Eric Buterbaugh’s, new studio that is part perfume boutique, part event space, and part gallery (floral art only, duh).  IT. WAS. STUNNING. Every detail at the studio was attended to and the perfect combo of modern, feminine, and mid-century cool.

Eric Bauterbaugh Floral Fragrance Studio

Buterbaugh and partner-in-perfume, Fabrice Croise (a ex-Lancome exec), have just launched EB Florals which is a collection of seven, floral-inspired, uni-sex fragrances that honor their namesakes (Hyacinth, Rose, Tuberose, Lily of the Valley, Lavender, Jasmine, and Violet) but are more complex and balanced than their flower counterparts. Eric and Fabrice worked with the best noses in France to create something luxurious and special and that they are.

Eric Bauterbaugh Floral Perfume Line

Stop by to to learn more about fragrance from Fabrice and pick up a new signature scent or stake it out to plan a celebration there.  Honestly, I’m racking my brain for a good reason to throw a chic party so I can hang out there awhile.

Eric Bauterbaugh Floral Fragrance Studio

Eric Buterbaugh
8271 Beverly Blvd.

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