Dose of Colors | Lipsticks

Dose-of-Colors-Lipstick-Soft-Touch-Sorbet-Review-02We came across these Dose of Colors lipsticks a few weeks ago and have quickly fallen in love. They’re full of bold pigment but are still really smooth, creamy and moisturizing. The creaminess will be perfect for the colder, drier months where you still want a lot of color! With the creaminess sometimes can come some feathering around the lip line and shifting of color, so look into lining your lips with a colored liner or a clear anti-smudging liner and then apply the color, blot down onto a tissue and then reapply another layer to help hold it in place and make it last. Their lipstick line comes in 10 super cute and fun colors thats sure to make any outfit a little more complete. Go get yourself some pretty, bright lips ladies! We sure can’t get enough!

Benefit | They’re Real! Push Up Gel Liner


We’ve all been waiting for the release of the  They’re Real Push Up Liner by Benefit. Any girl who loves a pretty, clean winged eye is going to love this new tool. With just one twist a little amount of gel liner is released then you glide it along the lash line. Make sure to work quickly so the product is wet and doesn’t start to flake, it can start to dry fairly quickly once released. I do like this more than the traditional gel pot and brush because it seems like the product will last longer and it’s more like a 2 in 1. In the past I have tossed away gel liner pots half full because they’ve dried out before I’ve finished using them. The benefit is that the product’s inside the pen and shouldn’t dry out. Keep in mind that it does take a few tries to get used to using this pen. At first you may twist out too much product or not be comfortable using the tip, but once you have it mastered, it’s awesome! The final product is a smooth, matte black line that will last you all day long! YES PLEASE!

Sugar Lips

sugarlips-softlipsDry, chapped lips are never a pretty sight for anyone. The sun, dry summer heat and even wearing lipsticks can sometimes dry out our lips making them look flakey. We’ve given you the best of lip balms to keep your lips smooth, but sometimes a girl just needs a little bit more to help her out. So what do you do to fix the problem? Here are a couple scrubs that will help exfoliate and keep your puckers kissable year round.
softlips-sh-sarahapp-lipscrub-lips-cremebruleeSara Happ’s The Lip Scrub is a sweet treat that leaves your lips feeling soft and supple. You apply it onto your lips and rub it in, it’s as easy as that. The sugary grains exfoliate the dead skin leaving you with the softest lips around, perfect for a coat of bright lipstick or some lip balm. They come in so many yummy flavors, its hard to pick just one!bubblegum-lips-scrub-lush-lushcosmetics

If you don’t want to splurge then you can get similar results with the Lush Cosmetics Lip Scrubs. This scrub doesn’t seem to be as intense, the sugar grains are more fine…it just takes a little more work. Also, there are only 3 flavors with this line, none that I absolutely adore, but it still does the trick!

A little tip that I’ve notices is that with the sugar scrubs is, they say they can be used on dry lips but I have noticed using them in the shower gives the best results. Letting my chapped lips steam a little and soften helps exfoliate the skin with the scrub much easier leaving the softest lips a lady could ask for!

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