Holiday Gift Guide | Nordstrom

Nordstrom Holiday Gift Guide

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We LOOOOOOVE holiday time at our favorite beauty stores because there is such fantastic offerings of our favorite brands for a steal of a price. Great gifts and a great time to stock up on your favorites or try the thing you’ve have your eye on for less. These are our favorite picks from Nordstrom’s!


Sorry, not sorry | Justin Bieber’s Sorry Video

I am OBSESSED with Justin Bieber’s song and video “Sorry”.  I want to share it with whoever hasn’t had the chance to indulge themselves in this unexpected treat.  It has nothing to do with beauty, I don’t care.  Enjoy!  Also, Justin is my new boyfriend.  I am a converted Belieber now.

Adult Acne is a Motherf$*!er

Getting acne as a grown-ass woman after escaping it in your teenage years in the WORST! I mean, how unfair is it to try to manage aging skin and pimples at the same time? I’ve struggled with it for years myself and have tried soon many things and spent sooo much money on treatments and products. The facials, prescriptions, and skin care helped to an extent but what Dr. Hyman says below is honestly the key to success which is both good news and annoying because who wants to change their diet? But…knowledge is power and these tips have made all the difference for me.  The amount of women we see struggling with this is crazy and it’s all related to the quality of the food that is standard now. At least now I understand why my skin breaks out and I can factor that into my lifestyle choices and choose treats/acne or discipline/pretty skin. I still get facials occasionally but I tell you, its a whole different situation now.

By the way, I love Dr. Hyman’s weekly videos. As a functional medicine doctor, his advice is just on target in a way that I have yet to see conventional doctors be.

So basically, I take my probiotics EVERY day (the real expensive ones too, its still way cheaper than living at Kate Somerville or buying every solution skincare product out there) and know that if I indulge in wine/bakery/dairy that I’m running the pimpled gauntlet. Oh, and no matter what, don’t take antibiotics for your skin!!!!

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