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A few months ago we partnered with Heather Kincaid, one of our very favorite photographers, to create Blush Pop-up.  It’s complicated and expensive to bring together all of the elements to do a boudoir session right so we wanted to make it easier by bringing all the elements together for a special, sexy, but elegant opportunity for the ladies clever enough to snatch it up.

We found a beautiful location to be a great background, took care of florals, and asked Faire Frou Frou, the most luxe lingerie store around, to provide the lingerie.  Then Fiore ladies Matilde and Kayti we’re there to do the hair and makeup of each lady in her private  session so she could be the sexiest, prettiest version when Heather took her pictures.  And it came out beautifully!

To set aside the time to get your picture taken, to honor yourself by capturing just you and your body in that moment is such a cool thing. Though it takes a bit of courage, you’ll always be happy to have those photos.  And now we get to share a few of our favorite images from the day! How gorgeous are these ladies and Heather’s photography is perfection!









Big news! Would you like to own Fiore Beauty?!

Fiore Beauty is for SALE

I started Fiore Beauty on a whim back in 2007, just as I was finishing my master’s in Psychology. There was a need in the market place and I wanted to fill it. In particular I saw the need for….

- An on-location beauty services that could offer normal women the same luxurious, elevated treatment that celebrities get.
– A place where like-minded artists and clients could find each other.
– A beauty brand that clients could depend on for good work, good service, and the ultimate in pampering.   Were all clients felt listened to, taken care of, and gorgeous.
– A company where artists had the freedom to focus on being the best in their craft, while someone else handled back office details like billing scheduling and marketing.

Own a beauty agency!

And we did it! Fiore became all this and more over the past 7 years. Like many small business ventures, my whim took on a life of it’s own. I happily put my Psychology degree on the back burner and put all of my energy into growing an exciting, female-centric, lipstick-laden business. Fiore has allowed me to work from home, play with all the beauty products I can handle, and meet the amazing people and friends who are our artists, clients, and fellow business peeps. There is no end to the many ways in which you all have inspired me.

And now I’m ready to move on to my next adventure and pass the Fiore Beauty baton. Fiore Beauty is up for sale and it’s time to find a new owner for Fiore! I’ve taken this little company about as far as I can so we’re looking for the right beauty maven to take Fiore to the next level. In addition to being a soild business today, Fiore has a number of opportunities for future growth.  Among the different avenues, Fiore can be expanded into new markets, franchised, a product shop can be opened, our popular blog can be a business in its own right, and there has been a high demand for us to teach beauty workshops.

If you are serious about starting your next adventure — a thriving business to call your own, to nurture and grow, and express your unique vision — then let’s talk! Email us at for more information.

In the meantime, Fiore will be taking care of our clients and business as always! We want this to be a seamless transition and we won’t skip a beat.

Lastly, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has helped make Fiore what it is today. For your support, I am forever grateful. It has been SO fun and I can’t wait to see what comes next for all of us!


So many palettes…so little time

Shadow Palettes |Tarte LORAC Stila NARS

I really love shadow palettes.  I love one package, so many choices, and a less cluttered makeup bag. While it’s easy to want to snatch up any and all palettes with wild abandon but without some extra consideration you’re likely to end up with another item you don’t use.

To choose a good palette for yourself, you have to consider: 1. Are the colors good for you? Do you like any colors in particular, not just all the colors in general? 2. Do you want matte, shimmer, or a mix? 3. Is the light base color the right depth? 4. Do you like the texture of the shadows? Are they easy to apply and blendable? 5. Do you prefer a smaller compact size or more choices of shades?

For example, I personally use mostly matte shades with an occasional use of a lighter shimmer shade so shimmer dominated palettes (like the uber-popular Naked Palettes) aren’t my faves.  I need a pretty light base color since I’m fair skinned, and I like mostly neutral shades that aren’t too warm or cool.  I actually don’t need many shades, six is ideal for me if they’re the right colors.  So here are my thoughts on my a bunch of the most popular palettes available now.


Stila Into the Light Palette
This has been a favorite of mine for a long time. It has an excellent mix of mattes and shimmers, the matte shades are the right ones (the base, mid town crease, and dark), and I think the texture is soft, blend, perfection. There are a couple of softly interesting non-neutrals which is nice to have.

tartelette palette 3

Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette
This is my current favorite.  There are perfect, light, medium, and dark shades that are great basics and softly nuanced (like the shade “Caregiver” which has a tiny tinge of shell pink which doesn’t look pink on, just a bit cooler than the expected beige). The shadows are very densely pigmented and bendable. It’s a great palette for both light and darker skin tones. A close second for great exclusively matte palette is Stila’s In the Know palette.


Smashbox Full Exposure Palette
This is a excellent palette because it has both the shimmer and matte version of each shade.  I do think that the Full Exposure is better suited to medium to darks skin tones because the lightest shade is not super light. It is very similar to LORAC Pro Palette which also has the shimmer/matte equivalent thing going on. The LORAC Pro Palette has lighter light shades but the mid-tones are a bit dark so I’m not sure who this palette is best for.

NARSissist-Eyeshadow-Palette Review

NARSissist Eye Shadow Palette
I love everything about this palette because NARS shadows are the world’s perfect shadows and theres every lovely shade you could want. But….there aren’t the two shades I NEED which is a light enough light and a light mid-tone (essential for a non-obvious everyday crease). However, this is an excellent choice for medium to dark skinned gals, even better than the Smashbox I think.  As for the finish, NARS has an beautiful finish that isn’t quite shimmer thought matte. Perfectly noncommittal!

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