Kate Somerville IllumiKate CC Cream

Kate Somerville IllumiKate CC CreamI’m not one who’s highly invested in the difference between BB Cream, CC Cream, and whatever will come next. They’re tinted moisturizers with a bit more coverage, skincare benefits, and SPF.  I do love the idea of a easy-peasy, multi-tasking product for daily use when you want to be less high-maintenance and more wash-and-wear. However, in all of the BB/CC Cream hype, I still hadn’t found one that I actually liked wearing myself. And now I have! If you’re a regular reader, you won’t be terribly shocked to find that it’s Kate Somerville who would make the product that would delight my little heart. Kate just made her first foray into the color market, launching IllumiKate CC Cream and it is FANTASTIC.

Kate Somerville CC Cream Before After

IllumiKate is pigmented enough that it evens out my skin beautifully. I can even get away without using concealer and I don’t give up my concealer easily.  It goes into your skin so nicely and the finish is perfection, not greasy at all but a nice balance between dewy and satin. You just look healthy and like your skin is really pretty naturally. It has SPF 50 which is awesome.

Illumikate CC Cream Review

While I pay more attention to the makeup aspect of a BB/CC Cream, if I trust anyone to bring legitimate skincare benefits to makeup, its Kate.  She has put Chicory Root in to support the integrity of the skins barrier function (keeps moisture in and toxins and other bad things out of your body), Sodium Hyaluronate to keep you plump and prevent your skin from dehydrating as you go through your day, and Albatin, Licorice Extract, and Arbutin to brighten and reduce skin un-evenness and discoloration.  All in all I like it, the IllumiKate feels good and it’s agreed with my super sensitive skin.

Kate Somerville CC Cream Shade Chart

Lastly, it comes in four really well balanced shades. For a line that hasn’t done makeup before, they’ve really done better than most at getting the coloration right.  I do wish that they had done a dark though.

Just a few notes on how I wear it.  I wear Fair.  I wear it over my regular skin treating serum and moisturizer with SPF.  I think using the CC Cream for moisturizer would be an uneven application and maybe not moisturizing enough and also it’s better to double up on SPF because you need a good amount to be effective.  Kate Somerville CC Cream it is. Yay!

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  1. 08.29.13

    I love that you wrote about this! I just bought my first BB cream a couple of weeks ago (from
    YSL) and am hooked. I’m curious to check out Kate next.

  2. Elizabeth

    So glad that I found your blog. I adore all of kate somerville products and no doubt, based on what I see in your post, will also love this CC Cream. I have been very hesitant in purchasing all these different BB and CC creams because there were so many mixed reviews. This appears to be a must try for this 50+ gal!

  3. Tonia

    I love this cc cream. I use it over my regular skin care routine with powder and blush for everyday at work. I have had a hard time finding products for my 60+ mature skin. So far all is good. I was looking for some assistance with application of this product; brush or fingers. My foundation brush works well and it takes very little product to cover. Any additional information is welcomed.

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