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Healthy EFFECTIVE Deodorant - Agent Nateur

Hold the phone, this is HUGE.  We have found the holy grail of effective deodorants…..AND it’s a heathy product!

Maybe TMI, but even conventional deodorants haven’t worked particularly well for me. And then I realized the need to skip conventional antiperspirants and wear exclusively natural, clean deodorants. Even though I tried and tried to find the best ones, none we’re anything to commit too because they just didn’t work well or for that long. So I basically surrendered myself to just being a stinky, ripe member of society. I just wasn’t willing to go back to the bad anti-perspirant so my fate was a smelly  one aside from when I doused my armpits in straight rubbing alcohol every few days…though I’m not sure thats healthy itself.

But while shopping for perfume at Strange Invisible on Abbott Kinney in Venice, I saw the store’s heavily edited and perfectly curated apothecary in the back. The sales women shared with me that this deodorant is the best selling item in the WHOLE STORE. I bought it but with a “sure, we’ll see….” attitude.

And it’s amazing. And EFFECTIVE. My husband loves it himself and said it’s “perfect”  which is a glowing review about deodorant especially coming from a man-person. I don’t smell like a trucker!  I am not embarrassed in public!  And I don’t feel like I’m compromising my health to be stink-free.

It’s Agent Nateur’s Holi(stick).  It’s made exclusively from non-GMO, pesticide free, food grade ingredients such as baking soda, coconut oil, raw organic honey, and eucalyptus oil. Get it HERE or at Strange Invisible in person.  And now we can all smell like the ladies that we are.

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