Skin Laundry

Skin Laundry

There is an exciting new way to take care of your skin if you’re in LA and it’s called Skin Laundry.  Skin Laundry offers one-size-fits-all facial treatments that consist of a combo of laser than IPL lights and the treatment lasts 10 minutes. So lets talk about why this is amazing…. It’s perfect for the ladies who are overwhelmed by an overload of skincare options but want to take care of their skin. While the Skin Laundry facial isn’t the standard relaxing European facial and there’s no extractions, it’s insanely easy that the one treatment is targets pore cleanliness killing bacteria deep within (acne), fine lines, hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tone, oil production, scarring, and skin tightness.

The treatment is $75 (less if you want to go more per month or buy a chunk of treatments) which is cuckoo cheap for anything having to do with lasers or IPL lights, forget putting the two of them together for a one-two punch. The fact that you can get in and out in 10 minutes is a dream come true for us goddesses on the go.

Skin Laundry

All of that was superb in theory but it’s the actual results that are most important.  When I got back from France, my skin was a perfect wreck. I forgot my face wash while I was gone so I was experimenting with weird products while away and then forget living on croissants and wine, I loved my vacation but my face did not. So I needed to be pulled out of a rut and Skin Laundry had their work cut out for them.

It’s really nice and very clean there with a relaxed vibe. It’s all very organized, water bottles waiting for you and a vanity area with Alcone wipes to take off your makeup before hand. The beds in the treatment rooms are super luxe an comfy. The treatments are overseen by or done by a nurse. It feels a bit warm but doesn’t hurt though it is a unique sensation if you’ve never experienced laser treatments.

My face was seriously 80% less broken out and angry 2 days after the treatment but I could also feel how clean my skin was and the calming of angry skin that night.  The treatment took me out of a vicious cycle of mad skin. And it was so fast!

You do need to skip makeup for the rest of the day ideally and the gel that they put on your face for the IPL light is best for you to wash off before you go to sleep.

Skin Laundry

Overall, I’m thrilled!  I loved my treatments (I went back for another one) and it’s a great beauty resource in LA.  The one thing you do have to think about is if you’ve had anything done recently, spray tanning, botox, used a retain-A or a antibiotic, had another light or laser facial, they WILL NOT do the treatment on you. So be really clear on what their rules are before you go so you don’t waste yours or their time.

Lastly, anyone can go and try it our for FREE!  So go, have a treatment and see what you think. There are locations in West Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Newport.

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  1. Lidia

    This sounds great!! I definitely want to check it out but how exactly do we do that for free?



    Hi Lidia!

    Just go to their site and make and appointment or call for your appointment and your first time is automatically free! It’s that easy!


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